PHP Express, May 2019


All Aboard,” the PHP Express, our Newsletter!  We’re excited to share our first issue with you, our current residents, renters, owners, and newly interested parties, within this new section of our website.  The intention of the Newsletter is to keep everyone informed about PHP and the surrounding areas, aid us in getting to know the people of PHP, showcase the area through photos, and stay aware of any activities.  Currently, we plan to post the newsletter quarterly, knowing that the frequency may shift in the future.  Ever-evolving will be our journey, and we’re happy to invite you along to discover all the wonderful things we have to share at PHP and the phenomenal surrounding areas of the Black Hills!

PHP Updates

Autumn Lane:

There are 16 new lots along a new roadway called Autumn Lane, which will be completed this summer.  These beautiful new lots are now available for sale and can be purchased prior to completion of the roadway.

Autumn Lane is a continuation/expansion of Blocks 7 and 8, which are the two newest blocks between Ridgewood Trail and the access path in Powder House Pass that leads to the Mickelson Trail/Common Area.  This new area is not yet posted on this website, but if you would like more information, please contact us by email at: or feel free to call:

                    Denise (at the Powder House Pass office): (605) 254-0032

                    Jennifer: (605) 261-5158

New Cul-de-sacs:

There are three new cul-de-sacs called Cozy Court, Twilight Court, and Fireside Court.  Fireside Court is now the first cul-de-sac on the south side of Powderhouse Trail and is scheduled to be paved when the weather permits.  Cozy Court and Twilight Court are already paved and are located along the newly expanded Ridgewood Trail area.

Road Repair:

Our apologies for the disrepair of some of the Powder House Pass roads.  The roads were scheduled for repair last fall, but due to weather/rain complications, the repairs were delayed to this spring, weather permitting.

Entrance Sign:

The Powder House Pass entrance sign was damaged toward the end of last year but had already been placed on the docket for replacement.  A beautiful new sign has been designed, along with new support beams, that will soon accent and enhance the entrance to Powder House Pass.  The structure is scheduled for installation in June or July.

PHP Activities

People of PHP

The Limmers

Want to meet a marvelous family who have staked a claim at PHP?!  If your answer was yes, please take a look at the story of The Limmers… 

Mike and Julie Limmer own a home and an additional lot at PHP.  They have also opened their lovely space as a rental property, suitably named Hideaway Haven.  Beresford, SD, is their current home base, but they have future hopes of settling into PHP permanently.  With an educational publishing company, Mike works as a sales professional, while Julie has served as a nurse in a variety of settings throughout her career.  They have two sons, Jake and Josh.

Their PHP story began when Mike met Powder House Pass’ owners, Jennifer and Greg Kaschmitter, at the Sioux Falls Home Show.  When viewing homes in the Black Hills area a few months later, they found themselves driving through PHP.  With no prior knowledge that the Kaschmitters would be in the area that weekend, the Limmers crossed paths with them once again, inside the development.  Jennifer and Greg invited the Limmers to view a few homes that were for sale in PHP.  One of them caught their attention and was a similar cabin concept they had envisioned for themselves.  Moments later, Julie and Mike looked at one another and said, “Oh my, I think we may have found our home!”  They ventured back into the home later that day for a better look, where they described a beautiful scene:  “We were met by a light snowfall on the ground, aspen leaves whispering from the breeze and deer grazing everywhere we looked.”  A short four months later, they moved in. 

When asked about their favorite aspect about PHP, the Limmers responded, “It is peaceful with amazing views during the day and a night sky that is breathtaking. The sound of a light breeze brushing against the pines and the aspens. Sunrises and sunsets are amazing.  And, oh, the smell of those pines! So much fresh air.”  If one word could describe PHP, Mike and Julie said it would be, “Relaxing.”  The recent addition of Powder House Pass’ Community Building has made their time at PHP complete.  “We feel like we have really escaped to a place unlike any other.  Our time in PHP has been better than we expected,” they explained.  Enjoying life at PHP has provided them a greater desire to retire sooner and move out to their home in the Hills permanently, earlier than they had initially planned.  

The Limmers went on to state, “Sharing our home in the Hills with family and friends has been a blessing. We are enormously grateful.” Friends and family have joined them at the cabin, participating in a variety of activities, from “relaxing on the deck, to hot tubbing while taking in the sounds and sites of nature.”  Some of Mike and Julie’s loved ones also journey to the Hills for skiing at Terry Peak, snowmobiling adventures, or hitting the ATV trails.  Other outdoor activities popular with the Limmer’s circle include Spearfish Canyon’s scenic drives and the lively happenings in Deadwood, both day and night.  The Limmers personally relish in, “hiking, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing, with an adult beverage on the deck, around the firetable at night, and hot coffee or tea on the deck in the morning.”  

Sylvan Lake is the Limmer’s favorite haunt to visit in the Hills.  As they find being in nature so relaxing, they spend much of their time exploring the trails within the Black Hills.  And, while they don’t eat out much when in the area, on their way through Rapid City, they sometimes delight in a meal at downtown Tally’s or enjoy some decadence from Mary’s Mountain Cookies. 

Mike summed up their journey into Powder House Pass, saying so many things guided them to be in the area that it was as though someone was telling them, “All roads lead to PHP.”

The Limmers were kind enough to provide us a glimpse into their lives at Powder House Pass and in the Hills.  Welcome to their experiences depicted through the photo scroll below:

We thank not only the Limmers, but you for joining us “on board” this first edition of the PHP Express Newsletter!  As always, we appreciate all of our residents, and will continue to highlight them as well as our area through this venue in the future.  We so appreciate the good words you share regarding Powder House Pass and we hope you’ll join us on “the rails,” again on our next edition.

-Kristin Pavon (on behalf of the Powder House Pass Team)

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